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Artwork Submission

At PixelHaus, we can handle various common industry standard file formats such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop in regular or compressed format (Zip, Stuffit, RAR). Kindly observe the following simple requirements when submitting your artworks for us to print:
  1. Submission of Photoshop must be in formats such as PSD, TIFF or EPS.
  2. Files such as Indesign or Illustrator should not include embedded files which will prevent us from using proper ICC colour profiles and colour correction to ensure the print outs are matched correctly to the intended colours. All external files should be linked instead. If Pantone colours are involved, please supply the Pantone codes too to match PMS standards or other kinds of colour reference. A signed off colour proof is important for us to match the desired output.
  3. Artworks that use custom fonts should preferably be outlined or supplied with all the fonts used.
  4. Kindly ensure that overprints are turned off before submission.
  5. File submission can be done via email (no more than 5Mb per attachment), or copied onto CDs and DVDs, in Macintosh format.
  6. If you require extra bleeding on the artworks, please advise our Account Manager accordingly.
  7. For any further enquiries and assistance, please call us at +603 8062 3069.
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